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Testosterone link to aggression 'all in the mind'

Giving women more of the male hormone testosterone can turn them into fairer and more amiable game players, according to tests.

A single dose of testosterone was enough to have this effect, European scientists found, but only if the woman was oblivious to the treatment.

Hormones may dictate only a small part of our attitude

If she realised she had received the hormone and not a dummy drug, she turned to greed and selfishness.

The work in Nature magazine suggests the mind can win over hormones.

Testosterone induces anti-social behaviour in humans, but only because of our own prejudices about its effect rather than its biological activity, suggest the authors.

They believe the same is true in men, although they only studied women.

Power of suggestion

For the study, they asked more than 120 women to pair up and play an "ultimatum" bargaining game with real money at stake.

In the game, one of the pair is the "proposer" and is tasked with suggesting to the other player - the responder - how to split the money between them.

The responder can then only accept or reject the offer.

This puts hormones in their place. Hormones provide a basic backdrop, but changes in levels will do little to behaviour compared to personality, culture and society
Endocrinologist Professor Ashley Grossman

If they reject it, neither of the pair gets any of the cash.

The researchers gave the proposers either a dummy pill or one containing testosterone, but did not tell the women which pill they had been given.

Once they had played the game, the proposers were asked to say which pill they thought they had taken.

Those who received testosterone behaved more fairly, had fewer bargaining conflicts and were better at social interactions.

However, women who thought that they had received testosterone, whether or not they actually did, behaved more unfairly than those who thought that they had received placebo, again whether or not they actually did.

The researchers, led by Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, said the results suggested a case of "mind over matter" with the brain overriding body chemistry.

"Whereas other animals may be predominantly under the influence of biological factors such as hormones, biology seems to exert less control over human behaviour," they said.

UK endocrinologist Professor Ashley Grossman said: "This puts hormones in their place.

"Hormones provide a basic backdrop, but changes in levels will do little to behaviour compared to personality, culture and society."
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See also http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2009/11/09/trans-woman-murdered-in-kentish-town-london/ .


Police arrest man in murder probe

Police investigating the murder of a 29-year-old woman in north-west London have made an arrest.

A man in his 20s is being held in connection with Destiny Lauren's murder on 5 November.

Police were called to an address in Leighton Crescent, Kentish Town, following reports of a woman collapsed at about 0055 GMT.

She was taken by ambulance to the Royal Free Hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Destiny Lauren
Police have appealed for witnesses in Destiny Lauren's murder

Investigators are still awaiting results from a post-mortem test.

Detective Chief Inspector Lawrence, who is leading the inquiry said: "We are keeping an open mind regarding a motive for Destiny's murder and I appeal to anyone who has information that can assist this investigation to contact us.

"In particular, I would like to hear from anyone who was in the quiet residential area of Leighton Crescent on the evening of Wednesday 4 November. Did you see or hear anything suspicious?"

Police previously arrested a 35-year-old man connection with the investigation, who has been bailed to return in December pending further inquiries.
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Born in the wrong body
By James Fletcher
BBC News

Doctors in Britain are reviewing guidelines for the treatment of people under 18 with gender dysphoria. This is a condition where someone is born one sex but feels they are really the other. A key issue is the age at which young people can be prescribed drugs which pause puberty.

Girl in silhouette (posed by model)
Around 1 in 4,000 people in the UK are receiving help for gender dysphoria

Sitting in her kitchen, 16 year old Nikki (name changed to protect her identity) looks and acts like any other teenage girl.

She gossips with her mum, teases her younger brothers, and giggles as she texts her new boyfriend.

The only difference is that Nikki was born biologically a boy.

"I've always felt like a girl," she says. As a child, she dressed up in girls' clothing, played with girls' toys, and gravitated towards other girls.

As she got older, Nikki realised there was a difference between what she felt and her body.

"It used to make me feel ill and so horribly down," she remembers. "I'd just wish that I wasn't around. Everything to do with me being male was horrible, I just couldn't stand it."

When she was seven Nikki was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Her parents initially tried to steer her towards accepting she was a boy, but by eight she was living as a girl at home, and by nine was going to school as a girl.

"I loved it," she says, "people picked on me a lot, but it was amazing in my eyes because I was allowed to show everyone who I was."
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Victory on Federal Hate Crimes Legislation!
23 October 2009

Dear friends,

It's incredible.

Yesterday, the Senate passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, a major piece of national civil rights legislation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgender Americans. The Act broadens the definition of federal hate crimes to include those motivated by a victim's gender identity or sexual orientation. It gives victims the same federal safeguards already afforded to people who are attacked because of their race, colour, religion or national origin.

Now that the bill has passed both the House and the Senate, it's on to President Obama for his signature. He has promised to sign the bill into law.
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From http://questioningtransphobia.wordpress.com/?p=1802 .

via Helen Boyd

A month ago, a trans woman named Paulina Ibarra was stabbed to death in her apartment in Hollywood. The police have a person of interest, one Jesus Catalan, who is known to have been inside Ms Ibarra’s apartment. From the ABC article linked above:

Investigators say they know that Catalan was inside Ibarra’s apartment but they don’t know exactly what happened between the two. Police do know that Catalan is known to frequent transgender prostitutes.

Catalan is homeless. Detectives say they believe friends are currently helping him hide. Authorities are asking for the public’s help in tracking him down.

“There was an argument or a fight of some type and Ms. Ibarra was fatally stabbed,” said LAPD Lieutenant Wesley Buhrmester.

“We’re here to say that we’re not going to let somebody come in and kill one of our members and just let it happen and let it be forgotten,” said transgender activist Victoria Ortega.

Jesus Catalan is 24 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds, and has a tattoo on his right arm. He is known to frequent the Hollywood and West Hollywood areas. If you have any information on his whereabouts you’re urged to call the LAPD tip line at (877) LAPD-24-7. That is (877) 527-3247.

As for the article. Note the use of the word “person” – not woman. Note how it functions. Note how it actually means “not a person.” Note how it’s just tossed in there that Catalan frequented trans prostitutes, and how that works to imply that Paulina Ibarra may have been a sex worker, and how it redoubles her disposability (as a woman, as a trans woman, as a woman of color). It shouldn’t, of course, but in a misogynistic sex-worker phobic world, it sure does.

And then note the date when this occured – August 28th. This occured one month ago, and we’re just hearing now? It’s just making news? Well, that does sound terribly conducive to a search.

And then note what Victoria Ortega says, “We’re here to say that we’re not going to let somebody come in and kill one of our members and just let it happen and be forgotten,” and then pass this news on, please.
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Serbian gay parade is called off

A Gay Pride march in Serbia has been called off after police told organisers they could not guarantee its safety.

One of the organisers said Serbia's prime minister had urged them to switch Sunday's rally from central Belgrade, but the proposal was "unacceptable".

President Boris Tadic vowed on Friday to protect the participants.

Anti-gay groups had threatened violence if the march were allowed to go ahead. "We're expecting you" posters had been stuck around the Serbian capital.

'We're waiting for you' poster in Belgrade
Belgrade is full of posters telling participants: "We're expecting you"

"Pride parades are traditionally organised in the main streets of big cities," said one of the organisers, Dragana Vuckovic.

It is "unacceptable" to stage the parade in a "field", she told the media.

Gay march plan tests Serb feelings

The decision had been taken after a meeting on Saturday with Prime Minister Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic.

Nationalist and religious leaders have opposed a Serbian bill banning discrimination against homosexuals.

The ultra-nationalist Serb Popular Movement 1389 hailed the cancellation of Sunday's march as "a great victory for normal Serbia".

"In our city infidels and Satanists will not pass," it added.

Homosexuality in Serbia is still far from accepted, says the BBC's Mark Lowen in Belgrade.

The gay scene is underground and members of the community are regularly the target of discrimination.

Belgrade's first gay parade in 2001 descended into chaos amid widespread violence by mobs of protesters - with television images of bleeding participants and police firing rubber bullets broadcast around the world.

The organising committee of the planned Sunday march will certainly keep up the pressure, says our correspondent.

"The state has failed the fundamental test," it says in a statement. "The next exam period is approaching fast. The Republic of Serbia has capitulated. We have not."
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The Boy Who Was Born a Girl, which was referenced in the article and which aired on the UK's Channel 4 recently, is now available on YouTube.

Part one: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qWQPvzCZ64U
Part two: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Dbb4zBLX-wg
Part three: http://youtube.com/watch?v=uGxmmfP5hWY
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Transgender equality now
Metro Boston
Updated 21:27, September the 8th, 2009

A few years ago, Ethan St Pierre couldn’t have been happier. He loved his supervisor job in a security company, frequently receiving pay raises and excellent performance reviews. But when he made a transition from female to male, he suddenly found himself on the unemployment line for no reason other than changing his gender identity.

The transgender community has long faced intolerance by defying social expectations of birth sex appearance. Most people have a gender identity consistent with their sex at birth; But some, like St. Pierre, feel their birth sex isn’t compatible with their own gender identity and courageously decide to express it. However, Massachusetts currently has no transgender legal protections — leaving St Pierre with little recourse. Given that recent media coverage has sensationalised rather than educated, such reform remains stymied.

During July hearings for a bill that would prohibit the type of employment discrimination that St. Pierre experienced, opponents shrieked about public bathroom accommodations, which media outlets reported with almost juvenile fixation. Their salacious headlines ginned up concerns about something most adults already know: Yes, transgender people use public bathrooms. But the proposed bill — which never mentioned bathrooms — extends sweeping protections in housing, access to health care and other public accommodations. It also secures individuals against the worst forms of physical violence by amending hate crimes laws and forbidding discrimination in schools.

These protections couldn’t come soon enough. Marginalised almost without second thought, transgender men and women are almost five times as likely to be unemployed and more than twice as likely to live below the poverty line, according to a study by the Williams Institute. Rates of violence against and suicide within the community are higher than average, too.

Mostly, this bill is about basic human decency. The degrading “bathroom bill” headlines say more about our own insecurities with gender identity than some looming restroom menace. If passed, the law extends dignity — rather than discrimination — to transgender individuals. Their seat at the table of equality is long overdue.

Mark Puleo is co-editor of the Brazilian Journal, a bilingual publication in Greater New England.

Metro does not endorse the opinions of the author, or any opinions expressed on its pages. Opposing viewpoints are welcome. Please send 400-word submissions to letters@metro.us.
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The transgender rights deficit
Across Europe transgender rights lag behind those of other groups. We're working to change that
Thomas Hammarberg
guardian.co.uk, Saturday 5 September 2009 09.00 BST

The human rights situation of transgender persons has long been ignored and neglected, although the problems they face are serious and often specific to this group alone. Transgender people experience a high degree of discrimination, intolerance and outright violence. Their basic human rights are often violated, including the right to life, the right to physical integrity and the right to health.

During my official visits to the 47 member States of the Council of Europe, I have been struck by the lack of knowledge about the human rights issues at stake for transgender persons, even among political decision-makers.
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Mourning a daughter, celebrating a son
More transgender teens are coming out than ever before – and at increasingly earlier ages. But even as resources for families grow, parents struggle with being supportive while coping with their own conflicting emotions
Adriana Barton
Sunday, Aug. 30, 2009 07:40PM EDT

If there's one thing a mother never dreams her daughter will say, it's “Mommy, I want to be a boy.”

When Julia O'Dwyer heard these words, she couldn't dismiss them as a tomboy phase because her 12-year-old daughter had rejected girls' clothing and toys for years, she says. So instead, the Vancouver mother of three consoled her eldest child and waited for what came next.

Months later, her daughter came home from school and announced she was transgender.

Cormac O’Dwyer, 15, had his breasts removed last week after first telling his mother, Julia O’Dwyer, that he wanted to be a boy when he was 12. Her son has been much happier since he came out at school, Ms O’Dwyer says.
Cormac O’Dwyer, 15, had his breasts removed last week after first telling his mother, Julia O’Dwyer, that he wanted to be a boy when he was 12. Her son has been much happier since he came out at school, Ms O’Dwyer says. (Lyle Stafford for The Globe and Mail)

Ms O'Dwyer says she had a brief moment of “Gee, why me?” but her first instinct was to contact local health professionals.

After months of psychological assessment, followed by hormone treatments, her daughter became known as a boy named Cormac. Last week, at age 15, he had surgery for breast removal.

Roisin O’Dwyer fusses over her brother Cormac, a transgender boy. For some families, tiny details such as pronouns can be a minefield at first.(Lyle Stafford for The Globe and Mail)

Her son has been much happier since he “came out” at school, Ms O'Dwyer says, and friends and family have been supportive. “Having a child who's different has actually been an enriching experience for me.”
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Transsexual wins prison transfer

The refusal to move a transsexual prisoner from a men's jail to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights, rules the High Court.

Deputy Judge David Elvin QC quashed Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision to keep the 27-year-old, who cannot be identified, in a male prison.

Prison bars
The prisoner would be moved "as soon as possible", the court heard

Referred to as "A", she is serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, committed when a man.

London's High Court heard the prisoner should be moved within a few weeks.

Deputy Judge Elvin said: "I declare her continued detention in a male prison is in breach of her rights under Article 8 (right to private and family life) under the European Convention on Human Rights."

Barrister Phillippa Kaufmann, for the prisoner, described her as "a woman trapped inside a man's body".

Although apparently born male, "A" later had her womanhood recognised by law - under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 - and her birth certificate amended accordingly.

Awaiting surgery

Hair on her face and legs had been removed by laser, and she had developed breasts from hormone treatment.

She is now awaiting gender reassignment surgery, but is not allowed to undergo the procedure while still in a men's prison, her lawyer has said.

"A" is currently detained on a "vulnerable prisoners" wing, and forbidden from wearing skirts, blouses and more than "subtle" make-up.

The Ministry of Justice and prison authorities argued that "A" was no more likely to be accepted at a women's prison, where she would require long periods of segregation at an extra cost of £80,000 a year.

They also argued that transfer might have a serious impact on her mental health, making it more difficult for her to reduce her level of risk to society and win early release.
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Who Botched the Gender Identity of a DC Homicide Victim?
Posted by Amanda Hess on Aug. 31, 2009, at 2:11 pm

Vigil attendees pay their respects to Tyli’a Mack. (Photo by Darrow Montgomery)

On Wednesday, Aug. 26, one person was killed and another critically injured in a daytime stabbing outside 209 Q St. NW. In the hours following the homicide, police and reporters gathered witness testimony, formed a description of the suspect, and chased likely motives. This time, cops and journalists were also forced to devote resources to another developing story: the gender of the victims.

Within three hours of the incident, three local news sources had independently verified the victims’ gender identity with police. They all got it wrong.
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Transgender VT Teen Wants Genderless Bathrooms
Published: August 27, 2009

Filed at 7:06 p.m. ET

MONTPELIER, VT (AP) -- A transgender teenager is lending his voice to a movement in Vermont to require the state's middle and high schools to offer genderless bathrooms.

Kyle Giard-Chase, 16, asked the Vermont Human Rights Commission on Thursday to endorse the effort. He said that before he came out last year as transgendered, he was a three-sport athlete and the co-captain of the field hockey team, a girls' sport, at South Burlington High School.

At an away game, he said he was verbally harassed and threatened by the members of the host school's football team for using the girls' restroom.

"The harassment only stopped when I was reduced to tears and told them I was in fact a female," said Kyle, now a senior.

But Kyle said it wasn't the harassment that affected him the most.

"It was the fear and apprehension of possibly having to use the bathroom during the school day that caused me the most harm," he said. "By eighth grade I had almost made a game out of waiting for the end of the day so I could use the bathroom at my own home."

Gender-neutral bathrooms can be as simple as what are now considered handicapped accessible bathrooms that are in a single room, he said.

The commission expressed some sympathy toward the plight of young people whose struggles with gender identity make them uncomfortable using gender-specific bathrooms, but it didn't take any action.

Joseph Benning, chairman of the commission's board, told Kyle he should prepare to deal with resistance from school officials who wouldn't have the resources to change school bathrooms.

"You've begun the process by opening up doors even to us, who never would have envisioned this being a problem at all," Benning. "Once you start on that path, however, you are going to run into opposition. As you go down the road you need to be prepared for it."

No opponents of the idea attended the meeting, although Benning said they would be welcomed at future meetings.

Kyle is working with the Burlington-based group Outright Vermont, a social service organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.

"The hope is that this is the first statewide gender-neutral bathroom campaign in the country,'' said Outright Executive Director Christopher Neff. ''Vermont is a leader. This is another opportunity to again be the first in the nation and say we are going to make sure that all of our students, no matter who they are, are safe and protected."

A Vermont Department of Education spokesman couldn't find anyone to answer questions about the issue on Thursday.

Vermont was the first state in the country that allowed same sex couples to form civil unions and earlier this year the Legislature approved same-sex marriage. State law also includes the Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act of 2007.

In a separate statement given to the board, Kyle said that he did not feel safe in gender-specific bathrooms. Throughout middle school he said he would "hold it" to avoid being harmed by others.

"This procedure of 'holding it' caused me to pay less attention in class, neglect my studies, and fear going to school in the morning," he said.

He said South Burlington High School has a number of unisex bathrooms and his feelings of "fear and apprehension" dissolved.

Neff told the board the process was just beginning and they hoped the board would take a stand on the issue that young people need to feel comfortable when they are in school.
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Congregation embraces transgender minister as his secret is revealed
Rev. David Weekley hopes his story will help change United Methodist Church doctrine

By Christine Mcfadden
The Portland Tribune, Aug 30, 2009, Updated Aug 31, 2009

(news photo)
The Rev. David Weekley and his wife Deborah share a quiet moment at Epworth United Methodist Church Sunday morning after telling his congregation the story of his life. (L.E. BASKOW / Portland Tribune)

The Rev. David Weekley grows uncomfortable in his chair.

As soon as he raises the topic of gay rights to his conservative clergyman friend one day at lunch, he knows it’s a mistake.

He knows that the United Methodist Church long ago retained the right to turn away openly gay clergy members.

So Weekley listens to his friend espouse the opinion of the church, and buries his secret deeper. No one can ever find out that Weekley, a married father of five in Southeast Portland and a Methodist clergyman of 27 years, was born female.

Until now, there has been just one openly transgender Methodist clergyman in the U.S. to retain his ordination (That man, Drew Phoenix, 50, had his ordination challenged by members of the church after coming out publicly in 2007 to his congregation in St. John’s of Baltimore United Methodist Church in Maryland.)

Today, Sunday, Aug. 30, Weekley – who leads the congregation at the Epworth United Methodist Church in the Sunnyside neighborhood in inner Southeast Portland – became the second.
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First of its kind: A clinic just for transgenders
Bosco Dominique, TNN 29 August 2009, 03:43am IST

PUDUCHERRY: Transgenders, often distanced by society, will soon have a clinic functioning exclusively for them in this former French enclave.

Even as a group of transgenders in Chennai launched a matrimonial website exclusively for them, in Puducherry the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute showcased a clinic, which, they claimed was the first such medical facility for transgenders in south India.

The clinic boasting of providing complete health care services for transgenders will offer consultation and treatment free of cost in the disciplines of gynaecology, urology, dermatology, psychiatry and paediatrics. "The transgender clinic will function thrice a week from 9am to 3pm," said Prof D R Gunasekaran, V-C of the Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University to which the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College is affiliated.

The clinic screened first batch of 20 transgenders for various disorders on inaugural day on August 24.

"Transgenders are vulnerable to a host of ailments including HIV, skin complications and failure of various organs. We have roped in specialists from all disciplines to extend health care services to them," said Prof Gunasekaran.

The university has joined hands with an NGO, Sahodaran, to work on projects targeting males having sex with males, HIV+ and transgenders. The university has plan-ned to approach government and NGOs to enlighten transgenders on their new facility. "As a deemed university we aspire to engage in several innovative fields of specialization and to establish a greater interface with society. We decided to open an exclusive clinic for transgenders realising that they are most oppressed lot and are denied basic health care facilities," he said.
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'I've felt like a boy for a long time'
He suffered years of depression and bullying. Now, as he begins the process of becoming a man, Jon wants to help other transgender teenagers
Viv Groskop
The Guardian, Saturday 29 August 2009

In his checked shirt and ripped jeans, his gelled hair artfully messed up, Jon, 16, comes across as an average teenage boy. He starts sixth form in September, describes himself as a "metalhead" and wants to be a journalist after university. One thing, however, is unusual: he was born a girl.

He knew he was a boy from about the age of six. "I just always identified as one of the lads. I liked playing rough and tumble games. I didn't like sitting with the girls in the playground." His mother, Luisa, didn't worry in the least: "He was just happiest with the boys and all his friends were boys. I just thought, 'I've got such a tomboy.'"

This week Jon and his mother Luisa, 46, appear in a Channel 4 documentary, which follows Jon as he starts the testosterone treatment that will push his female body into male puberty. It is the first time in the UK that a family with a transgender child has agreed to be identified on camera.

Jon started treatment at the beginning of this year and simultaneously began attending school for the first time as a boy. Initially there was daily verbal bullying. "I've been called 'chick with a dick', which is a pretty moronic insult as I obviously don't have one," he jokes. "One student said to me: 'You're a tranny and you have AIDS.' That was a low blow. But I went back for my sixth-form induction week recently and there was pretty much nothing going on. I have some good friends at school who have stuck by me."
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"Buddies" Ease Transgenders' Hospital Visits in Argentina
Written by Marcela Valente
Wednesday, 26 August 2009

(IPS) - Keeping a hospital appointment in the Argentine capital is a far less fearsome ordeal for transgender persons, a sector of the population that according to doctors had "dramatic" statistics of illness, when they are accompanied by trained health promoters who, like them, have chosen a different gender identity.

"It's easier to communicate among ourselves than with hospital staff," Valeria Ramírez, a transgender promoter with the city of Buenos Aires' Programme to Facilitate Access to the Health System for the Transgender Population, told IPS.

In place since 2007, the strategy has increased the frequency of consultation and health check-ups by this marginalised community, as well as boosting the immune systems of those infected with HIV/AIDS.

Ramírez, who is also the coordinator of one of the centres run by the Buenos Aires AIDS Foundation (FBAS), meets transgender patients as they arrive at the Ramos Mejía Acute General Hospital, and accompanies them as they request appointments and have X-rays and other tests.

"The plan emerged in order to improve the treatment rate of 'trans' persons, who exhibited high levels of illness," Dr Marcelo Losso, of the hospital's department of services for immunocompromised patients, told IPS.
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Q Street Double Stabbing Leaves 1 Dead
Two transgender women stabbed in broad daylight
* By ROBY CHAVEZ/myfoxdc
Updated: Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009, 11:27 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009, 3:59 PM EDT

WASHINGTON, DC - DC Police say a double stabbing in broad daylight left one person dead and another injured in Northwest Washington on Wednesday.

Police say two people were stabbed in the 200 block of Q Street Northwest around 2:30 p.m. Officers found two transgender women in front of the building when they arrived. One of those victims later died at a hospital, while another is wounded but in stable condition.

The crime scene was an alarming sight for residents who live on Q Street. One neighbor told FOX 5 they saw the two victims running from their attacker, and that one of them collapsed on the sidewalk. That victim later died.

"He said he couldn't breathe, 'I can't breathe,'" said Frenzell Alexander, a neighbor. "He came down 4th street and was gasping for breath and was bleeding from his neck."

Late Wednesday, police announced that 21-year-old Joshua Mack of Clinton, Maryland was pronounced dead at Howard University Hospital just after 3 p.m. The second victim was taken to a local hospital and admitted in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. Police are withholding the identity of the second victim, who was a witness to the murder.

DC Police say the attacker is an unknown man in his early 30s. He was last seen wearing all black and running in the opposite direction on Q Street.

Neighbors say the street is normally a quiet one.

"It's still so unusual," said Michael Nine. "I've been here for 30 years. We've had our share of crime. Over the last 5 to 6 years, it's gotten much better."

"Any crime is dismaying," said Peter Katel, another resident. "I learned one person was killed. It was even more dismaying. This is the first time, I've lived here 7 years and the first time I've come home to this kind of scene."

Police don't know if gender played a role in the murder and stabbing, but the crime did take place two blocks from an agency that provides services to transgender people, including transgender youth.

"I'm a transgendered woman, too," said Warrena Earls, another resident. "I know a lot of people in this city. I'm born and raised on Q Street. Nothing like this ever happened."

Regardless of the victims' gender, the violent, daytime crime is alarming to all. Police and residents hope that those who have information will come forward to protect the neighborhood.

"When neighbors are involved in the neighborhood, it always makes it much safer," said Nine. "It's key. Police can only do so much."

Investigators are asking for any information from anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the stabbing.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police at 1202 727 9099 or 1888 919 CRIM [E] (1888 919 2746). The Metropolitan Police Department is currently offering a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia.

Anonymous information may also be forwarded to DC Crime Solvers at 1866 411 TIPS and to the departments TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. If the information provided by a caller to Crime Solvers leads to an arrest and indictment, that caller will be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.
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Nampa Woman To Sue Twitter
Posted: Aug 22, 2009 11:51 PM

Nampa - A transgender candidate for Nampa mayor is suing Twitter after someone created a fake account under her name and posted lewd comments. While social media like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have their benefits, they also provide a lot of opportunity to falsify someone's identity. And for Nampa mayoral candidate, Melissa Sue Robinson, it's gone too far.

"I checked google and I saw something very lewd, very malicious, just down-right nasty with my name on it," said Melissa Sue Robinson.

A shock for transgender mayoral candidate Melissa Sue Robinson. Someone has created a Twitter account under her name with the title "woman with a penis". The fake account has also posted lewd tweets to a Michigan reporter, who said he immediately blocked the feed.

"I emailed Twitter and called them and did the same thing with google and asked them to remove it and that was month ago and they haven't removed it," said Robinson.

Robinson is now working with an attorney on a defamation of character and violation of privacy lawsuit. They'll try to get the name of the person who created the account, and then sue them.

"If you're just a transgender person living your life out you're working hard doing things to help society people shouldn't be malicious against you," said Robinson.

Robinson is not the first person up in arms against the social networking site. Tony La Russa, the manager of the St Louis Cardinals, sued after someone posed under his name, he eventually dropped the suit after Twitter canceled the fake account. And you may remember a few months ago Governor Butch Otter was caught up in a fake Twitter scandal, when someone posed under his name.

"It also states if it's clearly a parody of someone else if its clear that it is they probably won't do much about it unless you actually complain about it even then what they'll likely do is only take it down, " said Justin Foster, a social branding expert.

Foster says it can be very difficult to find out the identity of someone posing as you.

"Typically you just ask around say do you know who this is, if you can contain it in a geographic or local area you can typically find out who it is it didn't take long to find out who the fake Butch Otter was," said Foster.

He also says the best way to handle someone impersonating you on Twitter is to first use humor. Tell everyone you know that it's not you, and encourage them to send as many tweets to that account as possible.

Then as a last resort publicize it, similarly as you would hang up a false check in a restaurant.
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Transgender belly dancer helps launch Arab gay initiative
Rami Abdelrahman (news@thelocal.se)
Published: 21 Aug 09 13:52 CET


As a human rights group publishes details of a bloody campaign of hate being waged against gays in Iraq, Rami Abdelrahman speaks to members of a recently founded initiative for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Arabs in Sweden.

Dressed in a flashy black belly-dancing outfit, Nancy is a hobby transgender dancer from Iraq, ready to take to the stage with full make-up and skinny high heels. She is preparing to entertain more than 200 other Arab gays, lesbians and transgender people in Stockholm, Sweden.

The setting is the Stockholm headquarters of the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL). The occasion is the launch of Arab Initiative, the first Arab LGBT rights group in Europe.

Nancy has been in Sweden six years now. She lives with her Iraqi family in a Stockholm suburb and hides her preferred gender identity and hobby from her family.
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